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Axis provides structural design services around the globe. We support all phases of the structural engineering design process, right from design and modeling to Analysis of pre-existing designs and construction documentation. While endeavoring to maintain international standards in quality, we strive to reduce product design cycle time as well as ensure cost effectiveness, making working with us a value add for our customers.

Our engineering services cover the following areas.

  • Petrochemical Plant
  • Cement Plant
  • Power Plant
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Residential Buildings

Our offerings for R.C.C. structures are focused on multistory (residential, commercial, parking, institutional and Villas) buildings wherein we provide the following services

Structural Analysis:

  • 3D-Space frame analysis for building structures.
  • Finite element analysis for all types of structures.
  • Gravity load analysis for Dead load, Live Load, Imposed load & Snow load combinations.
  • Lateral load analysis for Dead load, Wind load, Seismic load combinations.
  • Knowledge of loading standards – BS, ASCE, IS and EURO codes.

Detailed Structural Designs

Drawings (1:100) defining all structural elements, including plans, elevations, sections and details with adequate cross-referencing.

  • DNT Plant (Red Water Treatment)
This is a Steel Building with RCC Deck slab. The is of size 31.5m x25m and having 3 storey. Total area covered =1152 sq. m. The height of building is 18m. Many heavy tanks, Distillery columns, Heat Exchangers, Pumps etc. are located in this Plant building. Some Glass equipment are also located at 2nd storey in the building.

  • SAC Plant
This is an RCC Building. The building is of size 19.6m x 46.3m and having 6 storey + roof at top. Total area covered = 1550 sq. m. The height of building is clad from all sides. Many heavy tanks, Distillery columns, Heat Exchangers, Pumps etc. are located in this Plant building.

  • TDA Plant
This is an steel Building with RCC DECK at some portion and grating on remaining portion. The building is of size 48.4m x 32m and having 7 storeys. The height of building is 42m. Many heavy tanks, Distillery columns, Heat Exchangers, Pumps etc. are located in this Plant building. Tank farm area of size 48.4m x 37m is also attached with building consists of tanks of steel tanks of 6 to 12 m diameter. Total area covered = 5915 sq. m. 8m wide Pipe rack is also passing at level one.

TDA Plant
  • Phosgene plant
This is a Steel Building with RCC Deck slab. The is of size 31.5m x25m and having 3 storey. Total area covered =1152 sq. m. The height of building is 18m. Many heavy tanks, Distillery columns,  Heat Exchangers, Pumps etc. are located in this Plant building. Some Glass equipment are also located at 2nd storey in the building.
  • Pipe Rack
6m wide pipe rack is running throughout plant in E-W and direction. It has 8 branches in N-S direction. Pipe rack has three levels and on top of it platform and cable trays located. The total length of Pipe rack is about 2.5km. The height of pipe rack is 11.5m.

We are currently developing a new compressor house for Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. at Obra in Uttar Pradesh. The work includes providing consultancy for Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Architectural and Structural engineering for the building. As a part of refurbishment of 5x200 MW Obra “B” TPS, Power plant of UPRVUNL, Uttar Pradesh, compressor building need to be shifted from old location. This project also includes getting all design vetted by any of IIT’s in India.
Connection Design
Axis provides connection design services to Middle east and Indian fabricators/clients. We have versatile experience of prepare of tailormade connections to suit erection & fabrication feasibility. Our experience on working various structures from commercial buildings to Airport Hangers and crown of top of high rise building to sky light structures put us at distinguish height.

Our deliverables:

  • Connection drawings
  • Designs as per LRDF, ASD, BS and IS standards
  • Detailed calculations with relevant checks.
  • Output provided in PDF, MS Word or MS Excel, with supporting calculations, tables and sketches.
  • Expertise in developing shop weld and site bolted connections.
1) M.C.A project  
The maharashtra cricket association is developing a new 55,000 seat stadium in Pune near Mumbai.

This is a signature project, of the Maharashtra Cricket association, Our role involves designing connections of the South Stand designed especially for the Media, the dignitaries and the V.I.P’s. It involves designing a variety of complex connections, the stand has been designed by us with the help of pratibha steel and structurals. We are also accountable for the erection methodology and quality control on the site.

Taking into account the local climate, the practice will use innovative solutions for the roofs to the stands both to maximize shading and provide a memorable and identifiable signature for the complex.
Connection Design
1. Podium Level 2 to 6 –
This is large podium area of size 45m x 34m and having total 5 levels. Total area covered = 7650 sq. m. The height of the area is 40 m. The total tonnage of structural steel involved in this area is 2200 T. There are huge trusses involved in this are having span of 34 m and with axial force of 12500 kN. Each floor consists of main trusses of 35m span and intermediate trusses of 10 to 12m span.

Connection Design
2. Roof Area -
A tower structure is located on top of roof at a height of 223 m above ground level. The sole purpose of this is to increase architectural appearance of building. This structure has 8 levels. The size of structure is 40m x 65m with total area covered = 2925 sq. m. The height of structure is 27 m. The total tonnage of structural steel involved in this area is 450 T. In this structure, connections need to design considering dynamic effect due wind. We had prepared about 150 connections for this area.

3.Landscape and Pool Deck Area -
This area is located near podium level 6 i.e. 40m above ground level. The structure covers on one level only. The total area covered is 4350 sq. m. This area is supporting ball room. Some trusses are supported by taking cantilever from main trusses by using Friction Grip bolts. The trusses are supported on Pot Bearing to resolve translational forces at support. The total tonnage involved is 1850 T.
Connection Design
This consists of steel towers on top of roof of Office Tower & Residential Tower. The height of steel tower on it is 75.6m and on residential tower is 64.8m. Each tower divided into 3 modules. Each module is inserted into supporting module. All connections are design as per BS Code. All sufficient care is taken to satisfy fatigue requirement as per BS-7608.
Burj Dubai Lake Hotel and Serviced Apartments is a super tall skyscraper set to rise 306 meters alongside the Dubai Mall. The mixed used tower will contain a total of 63 floors when it is finished.

Crown (at the top of Burj Dubai Lake Hotel)

The unusual shape of crown is unique in itself. In a elevation it looks like a cap in shape where as in plan it looks like a ship. The structure comprises of maintenance platforms, ladders and two 58 meters high spires. Considering the complexity of the structure participants involved in this project decided to detail this crown in 3 sequences; the bottom tail part, main crown and the spires.

The bottom tail part was 68 meters in length; starting point was at 170 meters height from ground level and goes up to 238 meters. 'A' shaped large cantilever area at 3.4 meter height provided for ladders used for maintenance and light zone.

Main crown had four main floors with two maintenance platforms. These platforms connect the crown with spires. Two continuous ladders are running along with the external area of the crown.
5) ORBIT (J.S.W Headquarters, Mumbai)
This project is executed by us in the uptown business area of Bandra Kurla complex popularly known as B.K.C, The project involved designing and developing various connections as regards to the Earthquake and non-earthquake loads. The most challenging part of this assignment was the unique architecture of this structure. The connection design involved using different philosophies and varied techniques. Moment and Shear connections were a part of this project. This project was done in partnership with Tech Flow Engineers a detailing firm. The total tonnage of the project was = 4000 MT and the building being a 9 + 1 storied structure.
Rebar Detailing
Rebar Detailing
Detailing steel requires much more than just an understanding of civil and structural engineering. It must be done by someone who understands how steel is fabricated, transported and erected. It must be done by someone who understands how to detail steel rather than someone who merely can use a detailing software application. Our personnel are all specialist in their skill sets and highly qualified and experienced within the field of rebar

We use the results of your planning consisting of, concrete forming drawings and the design calculations (static calculations) as basis for our reinforcement planning. For the execution of our reinforcement drawings we consider various codes of practice and the
Rebar Detailing
requirements of CNC machines. Beyond that we consider the special interests of the construction site in arrangement with your project - management.

By constantly delivering accurate drawings of the highest quality, we are able to easily meet tight deadlines. We maximize shared working hours through operating a shift system. Our clients enjoy a secure and confidential working area on our servers which can be accessed remotely for administering their projects. The result of our work will be in one of the following data formats in your user account on the Axis-Server:

AutoCAD Drawings
PDF Files
Bar List in MS Excel Format
We optimize the drawing file for your favored CAD system. So you can use our finished drawings without rework.

What You Benefit
  • Rebar Management expertise & Focus on core competencies
  • Greater labor flexibility at lower costs
  • Improved quality and delivery of rebar services
  • Reduced Investments in Hardware and software
  • Increased efficiency
Our Project Experience
  • Commercial
  • Industrial Projects
  • Bridges
  • High-Rise & Low Rise Buildings
  • Parking Garages
  • Addition & Renovation Projects
Investigation & Non- Destructive Testing
Rebar detailing was done for a Bridge with 6 to 8 lane for one side trafic. Total length of bridge was more than 2 km. We prepared about 150 drawings based on BS standards for the same.
Deputation Services
Some times it was not possible to out source design activities due to many constrained co-ordination required with other disciplines. On site assistance are given by deputing qualified and experienced staff.
Estimation Services
These services are provided for estimating quantities of Civil and Structural items for Tendering purpose. Based on crude analysis results and our experience quantities are worked out for Technological Buildings, Tank farms, Sheds etc. These quantities are in terms of section wise structural steel, diameter wise Tor steel and grade wise concrete required for complete project.
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